Your appointment begins with a consultation where we discuss how your pregnancy is progressing, consider symptoms, assess any contraindications and determine your requirements. After agreeing a plan you will be left to undress, relax on the massage table and get comfortable under a towel.


The massage takes place in a quiet, private room warmed for your comfort. Music may be played to help you relax. You will be covered throughout with towels to preserve your modesty and keep you warm, with only the part of your body being worked on exposed. I use Swedish massage techniques, cold pressed organic oil and pressure to suit you and your condition. Your feedback is welcome during and after the massage. Following your massage you will be left to relax for a few minutes and dress. Advice on stretching exercises, preparation for the birth and nutrition suggestions will be given as necessary.


The benefits will be felt after one treatment but for cumulative effects regular appointments are advised. Massage is recommended at least monthly from the second trimester and weekly during the last month.


Discounts are available for courses of treatment.



What you can Expect from a Massage Appointment