Pregnancy Massage


A warm room, soft towels, soothing music and organic

oils specifically blended for pregnancy make this a wonderfully

relaxing massage where special attention is given to your comfort and wellbeing throughout. Additionally, pregnancy massage can help -


Relieve muscular aches and pains

Reduce fluid retention

Improve sleep

Relieve anxiety and stress

Prepare you for the birth


A special body cushion can be used which allows you to lie face down until 22-25 weeks and the massage table has an adjustable back which can be raised depending on your stage of pregnancy and needs.


Advice on stretching exercises for pregnancy and massage

techniques to help with your labour and birth are also given.


Suitable after the first trimester.








pregnancy massage

 "At 36 weeks pregnant I can honestly say that I would have had an incredibly uncomfortable pregnancy if it weren’t for my regular visits to Jayne for pregnancy massage. Each session I have felt in the very best of hands; with thorough consultations and my information carefully recorded each appointment. I could not have been more satisfied with the results from each treatment; not only was my back pain relieved but I am always given wonderful advice. I feel extremely lucky to have been recommended to her so early on in my pregnancy as I have had such great benefits and was in a great deal of pain before my treatments began. Not only have they been some of the best massages I have ever had but, being pregnant, you want to know that you are being handled with care and by someone who knows what they are doing and there is no one I would trust more than Jayne- I could not have asked for anyone better. I can’t wait to have my baby and take him along to Jayne for baby massage!!" - Francesca Farnesi


Jayne's Pregnancy Massage left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, even at 39 weeks.  She soothed any aching muscles and I felt comfortable on the bed which isn't always the case during pregnancy - Sarah Duguid


"I've had the pleasure of being massaged throughout my pregnancy by Jayne, and I can't recommend her treatments highly enough. I am always very busy and on the go and find it difficult to switch off. My changing body has forced me to slow down and during the pregnancy massages I feel I have been able to totally relax and allow myself to be nurtured by Jayne's healing hands. So much so I want to carry on receiving Jayne's massages once my baby is born and will attend Jayne's baby massage class so my little one can benefit! I am also very particular about what I put on my skin and have invested in some of Jayne's own range Nom Nom stretch butter to nourish my skin in between massages." Mary L